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Extremely Rare: Mr. Neil is a
published attorney 


Mr. Neil is a published attorney (New Jersey v. Dorff, A-2485-19), which is extremely rare as less than one percent of attorneys are published. A published attorney is an attorney who argued a legal opinion that was later made CASE LAW. As a result, this newly made case law is taught in law schools and in Attorney's continued education classes. This law has changed the way cops behave during suspect questioning.






Extremely Rare: Mr. Neil was selected for Super Lawyers  

Good morning Durann,

I would like to personally congratulate you on your first time being selected to the 2024 New Jersey Rising Stars list! Being named to the Rising Stars list is a prestigious distinction that only the top 2.5% of attorneys receive. 








VINELAND - A local man has sued a Dunkin' store here, contending he was severely burned when an employee spilled his "scalding coffee" onto his lap.




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Drug Charges

Whether you were arrested with a small amount of marijuana, or a truck filled with heroin, the State bears the entire burden of proving you guilty.


Lawyer Durann Neil Jr.

At Neil Law we actually show you our Daily  successful case  results. Read about some of our cases below.



Successful Result

1st DEGREE ATTEMPTED MURDER DISMISSED!!! Neil Law obtained a favorable result for a client charged with 1st degree Attempted Murder and several other 1st degree offenses. After more than 18 months fighting the case, Attorney Durann Neil was able to obtain a full dismissal of the charges against his client after proving that his client was innocent. As a result Mr. Neil’s client was released from the county jail.



Successful Result

Neil Law obtained a favorable Published Opinion from the NJ Appellate Division. After appealing the denial of their suppression motion, the Appellate Division agreed that Neil Law’s client’s Miranda Rights had been violated and their client should not have continued to be questioned after asking for a lawyer.  This decision allows for a potential change in the homicide case.



Successful Result

Neil Law obtained an excellent result for a client charged with 2 counts of Attempted Murder. After a lengthy detention hearing, Neil Law convinced the Judge to release his client and let him fight the charges from home.



Successful Result

Neil Law obtained a favorable result for a client who was charged in a large investigation led by the DEA. After years of fighting and his client facing a LIFE sentence for being the alleged leader of a drug organization, Attorney Durann Neil was able to convince the state to offer his client a 3 year sentence. As a result of his client having 22 months jail credits, his client was released.



Successful Result

CLIENT RELEASED ON ATTEMPTED MURDER !!! Neil Law obtained a favorable result for a client charged with Attempted Murder and Accessory to commit murder. Attorney Durann Neil along with Co-Counsel John Stein convinced the state and Judge to release their client after providing reciprocal discovery and intense negotiations on the eve of the detention hearing.




Successful Result

$240,000 SETTLEMENT AWARDED IN A PERSONAL INJURY CASE!!! Neil Law Attorney’s Durann Neil and John Stein obtained a favorable result for a client who was hurt in a car accident. After two years of attacking the case, Neil Law’s client was awarded $240,000 for his damages.


$50,000 RECOVERED!!!

Successful Result

$50,000 RECOVERED!!! Neil Law recovered $50,000 for a client who was hit by a truck in a car accident. After extensive negotiations, the opposing party decided to settle for fear of going to trial.



Successful Result

"JURY TRIAL WIN" Durann Neil obtained an excellent result for a client facing 30 years on a Aggravated Manslaughter charge. After receiving a plea offer of 26 years, Mr. Neil and his client asked for a jury trial and gained an acquittal of the Aggravated Manslaughter charge after a 2 week trial.


2nd DUI Dismissed

Successful Result

Durann Neil obtained an excellent outcome for a client who was charged with his 2nd DUI, Reckless Driving and a host of other tickets. After filing a motion, Mr. Neil's client's DUI was dismissed completely avoiding any suspension of his license.


Won Suppression Motion

Handgun, Dismissed

Durann Neil won a Suppression Motion where the judge suppressed a handgun and 20 bricks of Heroin after Mr. Neil proved that the officer illegally searched the vehicle. After 3 hours of oral arguments, Mr. Neil showed that the officer should not have taken his client out of the car and he should not have attempted to trick the driver into giving consent. Mr. Neil’s clients offer was a 10 must serve 5. Now that case is DISMISSED his client has his life back.



40 Bricks of Heroin


Durann Neil obtained an excellent outcome for a client charged with 2nd degree Possession with Intent to Distribute Cds, and a host of other charges. Durann Neil filed several motions after becoming his client’s third attorney, including a suppression motion and chain of custody motion. On the day of the hearing, it was discovered that the evidence was DESTROYED, thus ultimately eliminating the case.





Durann Neil obtained a highly favorable outcome for a client charged with 2nd degree Unlawful Possession of a Weapon (Handgun), and 2nd degree Possession of a Weapon (Handgun) for unlawful persons. After proving that his client did not have a handgun and was falsely accused, the Prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case, and his client was fully exonerated.



Drug Induced Death


Durann Neil obtained a favorable outcome and the release of his client charged with 1st degree Drug induced death (manslaughter), 2nd degree distribution of Cds (Heroin), and a host other offenses. After proving that the Confidential informant did not identify his client, the Judge agreed to release his client.



AK-47, Heroin and Meth


Durann Neil effectively argued for his client to be released from County Detention after being charged with possession of an Assault Rifle, two handguns and over 5 oz of heroin and meth. Mr. Neil was able to show that his client had no ties to the residence and/or illegal activity. 










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