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The court system is CHAOTIC !!!. If you go to court and they say Neil Law has not entered their appearance (let the court know you hired Neil Law) they're wrong. It usually takes them 3 to 4 weeks to update their records.  If they say your attorney didn't show up, they're wrong, it may be a scheduling or court notice error. These things often happen, just give us a call, we will rectify the situation.



ALL COURT DATES ARE SUBJECT TO POSTPONEMENTS. Court dates are not like doctors appointments. In court there are winners and losers. Court dates may be postponed weeks, days and sometimes hours ahead of time.  This will happen 30 percent of the time. This is mainly due to court staff limits, trials, strategy, no plea agreement reached or scheduling. This is how the court system operates, its normal. If the client is incarcerated this has no bearing on their release.



TIME FRAME, It is very important you understand the average case time frame (the time it takes the case to be resolved). For criminal cases it's 12 to 18 months, for traffic offenses it's 6 months, for family court matters it's 3 to 6 months. This is due to the amount of staff the state hires. During this time court dates are going to get postponed and court times will change.



As soon as you make your payment Neil Law will enter our appearance (let the court know we are representing you). we will then get the arrest reports from the court which will take two weeks. We will then contact or visit the client if incarcerated.



Neil Law will CONTACT or visit the client for the first time after we receive the case reports. There is no need to visit the client before then because we will not know the relevant questions to ask the client. This usually happens around two weeks after we are retained. Remember you have to make an appointment with the jail to visit, we just can't visit the client when we want to. Visits may be postponed weeks, days and sometimes hours ahead of time. This is mainly due to jail staff limits, trials or scheduling. 



After the first contact or visit. Neil Law will visit or contact the client only when we need information. Neil Law's only concern is having a successful outcome to the case. All attorney client visits are subject to changes and postponements



YOUR COURT DATE, the court will contact you and let you know the court date. If you are unsure about the court date call the relevant court, they will give you the date. This insures you get the right date.



If the client is incarcerated the only way they can be released is a motion to reopen the detention hearing if the first one was lost. There has to be a significant change of circumstances to the facts of the case to file the motion.



Your lawyer may arrive to court at a different time due to scheduling conflicts, this is normal. If Mr. Neil sends one of his associates to court on your court date this is rare, but normal. Remember it was not an important court date if this happens. The associate does not do any negotiations on your behalf.



Attorney client privileges, if you are the clients family or friend, the client has attorney client privileges, we can't discuss everything concerning their case. Most of our calls are screened. All phone calls are logged, documented and a report is made. Phone calls will be returned within 72 hours depending on the information requested. At Neil Law our client communication is a priority. Thank you.


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